HUmbled by Chocolate

When nothing else will do for a birthday it has got to be a chocolate cake and that is what I have been indulging in from 11am today! Deliciously rich ganache, the softest crumbliest cake and with a good slab of chocolate star to top it all off, birthdays are glorious!

This year my birthday has crept up on me and hasn’t really been something of the highest priority. But I sit here today, completely grateful and overwhelmed by the love, care and just pure generosity of people in my world that have taken that minute to write on facebook, text or whattsup. To my team who have showered me with presents and colleagues from other departments buying me chocolates and sending cards in the internal post.

God himself has overdone himself this year – granting me the most amazing weather anyone in London could have asked for, and for reminding me that I am alive and loved by others. This is a short posting to reflect how quickly I gulf down my birthday cake and I just want to say thank you to everyone for being in my world. For supporting me through these few months, for championing me to keep going, for boosting my confidence through commenting on my new hair, for free salsa classes and coffees; reminding me that life is more than our circumstances. Life is ours to be lived.

31, exhausted, battered and alive and never before have I ever realised how truly loved and blessed am I. Thank you

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